SAP Security Best Practices for SAPSA members: – Meeting Information Security Logging Standards

Lack or deficiencies in logging and analysis may prevent organizations from being compliant towards legislation and regulations as well as allowing attackers to hide their location, malicious software, and activities on victim machines.


What is the Security Logging Standard?

The primary objective with this Security Logging standard is to ensure individual accountability and to enable investigation and collection of evidence for incidents, such as access violations, malware, and intrusion attacks, and fraud.

The secondary objective is to provide evidence of compliance against legal requirements and internal as well as external demands.


SAP Logging
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The Security Logging Standard and SAP

The Information Security Standard is valid for all Business Applications and IT Infrastructure owned or used by organizations classified with MEDIUM, HIGH or ENTERPRISE criticality level.

SAP along with other business applications containing personal data, confidential or strictly confidential information needs to be able to use logging to enable detection of application logic tampering and data breach investigations.

Best Practices for SAP Security:

Download our white paper “Meeting Information Security Logging Standards with SAP Security” which outlines how LogPoint for SAP can support SAP Security and compliance with the standard by

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genereal logging requirements

Looking at the general logging requirements that are needed for SAP and how LogPoint for SAP can support this.

personal data

What additional requirement should be applied to production environments where personal data or strictly confidential is used such as SAP.

requirements around log retention

What are the requirements around log retention for SAP?

reporting and auditing

Reporting and auditing.

About LogPoint for SAP

LogPoint for SAP integrates SAP systems with security information and event management (SIEM) for compliance and security monitoring. With LogPoint for SAP, organizations can continuously monitor their business-critical data to detect and quickly respond to fraud and threats within SAP.

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