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SIEM product training and workshops

At LogPoint, we’re committed to providing the best workshops and trainings in security management for our customers and MSSPs. Through our SIEM training and LogPoint Academy, we provide training options –at all levels – for professionals and companies.

As part of the LogPoint Academy, you’ll receive state-of-the-art product training that’s focused on easy-to-apply functionalities. The LogPoint training program provides your team with full capabilities for managing information and events throughout your our solution and its applications.

Target audience and outcome

LogPoint Academy training is centered on a holistic approach to security management. We provide operators, analysts, administrators and MSSPs a depth of insight into SIEM that’s specific to your organization.

Our training program is available to any IT and information security professional, such as consultants, auditors, managers, engineers and administrators. All participants stand to gain valuable insights:

  • In-depth knowledge of how to implement, configure and fine-tune SIEM technology
  • Solid understanding of how to use LogPoint capabilities for business intelligence
  • Hands-on experience with how to deploy LogPoint technologies
  • Insight into how to monitor, identify, document and respond to security threats and reduce false-positive alerts
  • Thorough understanding of compliance reporting and documentation

Upon completion of LogPoint Academy, each team member will receive a LogPoint certification that celebrates their level of knowledge from the SIEM training.

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Training options

The LogPoint Academy product training currently covers the following areas:

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A two-day training divided into modules, which focuses on solution set-up. The training also includes general product information, tips and useful resources for working with LogPoint.

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A two-day training divided into modules, which looks at the latest developments. The focus is on actual usage of the solution, such as search, reporting, data enrichment, etc.

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Advanced user

A two-day training focused on advanced queries for finding patterns and solving use-cases by combining commands, threat intelligence feeds, etc. The training will also lead you through the process of setting up effective alerts and managing them.

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A one-day training divided into modules, centered on the management of multiple systems using the Fabric functionality. The course also includes a thorough overview of everyday functionalities such as creating, editing and removing entities.

For further information, please take a look at our LogPoint Training Brochure

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Advanced user training

Customized Workshop

Do you have a need for a SIEM workshop or a LogPoint workshop that isn’t covered by one of our current programs? Please contact us, and we’d be happy to customize a LogPoint tutorial for you.