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A holistic approach to security management characterizes the certified Logpoint training courses. Whether you are a security analyst, administrator, user, or an MSSP, our training courses will provide you with deep insight into Logpoint, tailored to your organization´s needs.

Certified Logpoint training courses and workshops

Our Certified User, Administrator and Director training courses have long been popular with customers and partners. Our training is perfect for those who are new to Logpoint or are existing users who want to grow their skillset and acquire information about new product features.

Throughout a 2×2 day training session – or 5 days if completing the Director course as well, attendees will gain valuable insights about:

  • How to implement, configure, fine-tune and deploy a Logpoint solution

  • How to use Logpoint capabilities for enhanced business intelligence

  • How to monitor, identify, document, and respond to security threats and reduce false-positive alerts

  • How to use the Logpoint query language

  • How to manage compliance reporting and documentation in day-to-day tasks

For the extended course plan and registration details, please see the certified Logpoint training brochure below.

Certified Logpoint SOAR Training

Throughout the 1-day training session, a Logpoint Certified SOAR Expert will display the full features of the SOAR solution, look into real-world use cases, highlight best practices, and teach how all the various blocks can be combined.

The main focus will include facilitating knowledge exchange between participants, as our experience confirms that it is an excellent technique for acquiring familiarity with the solution. Furthermore, the emphasis throughout the training will be on ensuring that the course is conducted to accommodate the levels and requests of individual participants.

All participants stand to gain valuable insight on how to set up the SOAR solution, how to integrate and configure their products in the system, and how to begin automating security-focused processes by creating and designing a playbook according to industry best practices and standards that will make responding to security threats practically instantaneous and much more effective.

For the extended course plan and registration details, please see the certified Logpoint training brochure below.

Logpoint Deep Dive courses

The Logpoint Deep Dive is a series of advanced instructor-led courses focusing on in-depth learning.

Throughout the 2-3 hour-long individual sessions, the group addresses complex admin and user responsibilities related to scaling and sizing, troubleshooting, advanced queries, pattern finding, normalization, and much more. And the best part? As a Logpoint partner or customer, you can participate in any Logpoint Deep Dive free of charge. See the available courses and register today!

Logpoint Masterclasses

Our ambition with Logpoint Masterclasses is to create a series of bite-sized, no-nonsense sessions focusing only on the most relevant security topics and providing you with practical action items. Adapting to the needs of today’s fast-paced environment, each Masterclass takes only 30 minutes, with a 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A.

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Masterclasses are currently open for registration in English, Danish, German, and French.

Customized Workshops

Do you have a Logpoint workshop or training course in mind that isn’t covered by one of our current programs? Training sessions can be adjusted to cater to the needs of larger groups of participants.

For further information on the educational focus and course agendas, please take a look at our training brochures.

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