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  • On Demand: Overcoming the compliance challenges with BCS for SuccessFactors

    Even though SAP SuccessFactors contains some of the organization’s most sensitive and regulated data, it [...]

  • On Demand: The Importance of Cybersecurity Technology in SAP Business Transformation

    The webinar is now on demand and is hosted by Logpoint and has Marc Noergaard [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Why NIS2 is a Gamechanger

    On-demand Webinar Why NIS2 is a Gamechanger The NIS2 directive adopted by the European Parliament [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Speed up incident response with enhanced observability

    The latest update of Logpoint’s Converged SIEM is here!Security analysts will receive a wide set [...]

  • On Demand: Accelerate TDIR with AgentX Endpoint Security.

    Introducing AgentX, a brand new Endpoint Security element that's native to our Converged SIEM platform.AgentX [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Bridging the SAP Security Gap in your Digital Transformation

    Security is a huge part of any digital transformation, however, according to a recent Ponemon [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – How SIEM+SOAR can help you

    How SIEM+SOAR can help you.Reduce cybersecurity riskIncrease SOC efficiencyImprove cyber intelligenceWe will introduce our new [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Solarwinds Hack: How can educational institutions prepare for what’s next?

    The “Solarwinds Hack: How can educational institutions prepare for what's next?” webinar is now available [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – How to Mitigate IoT Security Challenges

    The “How to Mitigate IoT Security Challenges” webinar is now available on demand.Watch the webinar [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – How organizations can benefit from a Modern SIEM solution (GERMAN)

    Note: This webinar is in German.The “How can organizations benefit from a Modern SIEM solution?” [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Logpoint SIEM for Public Sector

    The "Logpoint SIEM supports Public Sector" webinar is now available on demand.Fill out the form [...]

  • On Demand: Webinar – Logpoint UEBA (FRENCH)

    Note: This webinar is in French.The "Logpoint UEBA" webinar hosted by Logpoint Presales Manager Julien [...]