Introducing AgentX, a brand new Endpoint Security element that’s native to our Converged SIEM platform.

AgentX greatly helps to take threat detection to the next level. AgentX accelerates investigation and ensures lightning-fast remediation while working seamlessly with SIEM and SOAR. 

Presenters: Utsav Adhikari (Product Manager, Logpoint) & Matt Ellis (Customer Success Engineer, Logpoint)

Our converged security operations platform protects the entire business. Discover more about how AgentX helps:

  • Collecting logs and telemetry from endpoints and normalization into a single taxonomy.

  • Gain better visibility and reduction of MTTR relating to threats in endpoints.

  • Improving your security stance without additional workload for analysts.

Watch our webinar and discover how you get a more comprehensive threat analysis, improve your security stance, and reduce your mean time to respond to threats. AgentX is included for all customers with the SIEM+SOAR license.