In 2021 the LogPoint organization grew by 50%, a trajectory that will continue to support company hypergrowth. Attracting, developing, and sustaining the talent to fuel continued growth calls for new levels of freedom, collaboration, and opportunity for personal growth

COPENHAGEN – January 12, 2022
LogPoint is announcing the appointment of Maj-Britt Maltesen as Chief People Officer (CPO). Based in the Copenhagen HQ and reporting to LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang, she will be responsible for all aspects of people, talent, and culture in LogPoint. On top of her agenda is attracting, developing, and sustaining talent to fuel the LogPoint hypergrowth strategy while cultivating and developing the unique LogPoint culture.

“It is often said that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast. If we aren’t passionate about our vision, we won’t be enthusiastic about executing the strategic plan irrespective of how good it is. It determines how we act in critical situations, how we manage pressure and rise to challenges, and how we treat partners and customers, and each other,” says LogPoint CPO Maj-Britt Maltesen.

In the past 12 months, the LogPoint team headcount has grown by 50%, across 11 locations in three continents, counting 26 different nationalities. Fostering and nourishing a winning culture and implementing a modern hybrid workplace concept in this diverse and geographically dispersed environment is a crucial mission for Maltesen. She will draw on 20 years of experience as a senior HR executive in Microsoft, Accenture, Carlsberg, and DuPont, and a master’s degree in psychology and social science.

“During my career, I have found my ideal setting in the intersection of leading-edge technology, people, hypergrowth, and a global context setting. Basically, the characteristics of LogPoint. Add to that an inspiring LogPoint leadership and ownership, coupled with great talent and ambitions on the People and Culture agenda, makes the CPO position at LogPoint my ideal job”, says Maltesen.

2021 has been the most exciting year in LogPoint history. The company has advanced everywhere in the past 12 months, introducing new ground-breaking SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR technology while continuing double-digit growth. In addition, LogPoint has integrated two major technology acquisitions and has established a next-generation technology development center in Copenhagen. A trajectory that calls for the best of the best.

“More than anything else, our success is built on bringing exceptional people together as LogPointers, joined by our core values and ambition to secure the digital heart of organizations. With Maj-Britt on board as our Chief People Officer, we recognize and emphasize the importance of people, talent, and culture as a whole and its role in our continued growth journey,” says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

In September 2021, LogPoint introduced an ambitious set of modern, hybrid workplace principles. It provides LogPointers with unprecedented levels of freedom in their working life, introducing new ways of collaboration and personal growth opportunities. Read the manifest here.

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