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Which Will You Choose? 

  • SaaS, On-Prem, Private Cloud? 
  • Same Converged SIEM platform, different deployment.
  • Accelerate TDIR with end-to-end security.
  • Achieve efficiencies of scale with an out-of-the-box platform.
Over 1,000 Organizations Across 70 Countries Use Logpoint SIEM
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Don’t Condition Your SIEM Choice to its Deployment

When it comes to security operations platforms, there are as many requirements as the businesses they choose them. But, what if your SIEM vendor doesn’t offer the type of deployment you need?

Changing the infrastructure is a tricky thing and sometimes organizations end up choosing a SIEM vendor for their deployment, sacrificing capabilities and benefits. They should be able to have it both ways.

SaaS, On-Prem, or Private Cloud – We’ve Got You Covered 

We offer the flexibility needed for deployment. Whether it’s on-prem, SaaS, private cloud, or multiple large deployments for MSSPs. Each option enables you to unlock all the benefits while offering you fast time-to-value.

We have a World Class Platform for MSSPs.

Logpoint Converged SIEM

is an easy-to-use, scalable platform providing flexible deployment based on your organization’s needs: SaaS, On-Prem, or Private Cloud.

No matter the deployment method, we are committed to providing end-to-end security, reducing complexity in your tech stack, and a simple and predictable pricing structure. Our security and quality assurance are guaranteed by our SOC 2 and EAL 3+ certifications and our top-class customer support is always there to help you. 

MSSP: Operating Multiple and Large Deployments?

Some organizations cannot manage their cybersecurity internally and turn to MSSPs. At Logpoint, we offer cloud-based deployment for multiple tenants from one centralized console: Director.

With Director, MSSPs can manage large deployments across customers and geographies in a cost-effective manner. They can perform log monitoring that allows them to easily operate multi-tenant deployments from one single pane of glass. It’s tailored for MSSPs for fast threat detection, investigation, and response.

Partner with an MSSP and get full-service threat monitoring and system maintenance. Onboarding and implementation become a simple process, making SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA available for their customers with a minimal lead time.

Do You Need to Manage Large Deployments?

Talk to our experts about how we can support you in managing large deployments!

We offer the flexibility needed for deployment – whether it’s On-prem, SaaS, Private Cloud, or multiple large deployments for MSSPs.

Each option enables you to unlock all the benefits while offering you fast time-to-value. 

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