By Janne Nyman, Managing Director at Newman IT Solutions

Leading up to my annual holiday, I had the privilege of working closely with a few of our customers in resolving their particular pains by using SIEM, and realised that a lot of the advice I provide when doing consultancy can most likely be acquired by making use of the right websites and having some time to spare for testing.

So to give you all something to read over your holidays, I decided to share with you my Top 10 Sites, at the time of writing as these tend to change over time, that I use to stay atop of SIEM, Security and anything related to Integration in general.

It is quite a mixed bag but should give a healthy portion of high-level and technical so I hope you enjoy!

1. Stay on-top of current common threats and learn now they operate.

Internet Storm Center

2. How Vulnerable Are You? – Stay on top of vulnerabilities affecting your environment.

CVE – Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

3. 20 Critical Controls and SIEM – You got SIEM and now what?

Sans Institute White Paper


4. General Blog on Security – The Hacker News

The Hacker News Logo


5. The NSA – US Intelligence for Everything Security, Just search


6. Stay up to date on what the baddies are up to

Dark Reading Logo

7. Community Driven Website for Everything Security Related, very good level of detail

8. A Site for Techies, perhaps not directly security related, but if you have any kind of integration issues, even related to security tools, this site most likely has an answer for you.

9. Integrate your SIEM with Databases – This site can be used for other purposes related to connecting to various databases.

10. Vendor Sites in General have blogs, so make sure you are signed up to your vendor portals to stay informed.

LogPoint Blog