Same SIEM, but different

We have taken the very best parts of our SIEM solution and have made them even better. You can still identify, respond and report on attacks. But you can now do it quicker and more efficiently with a Converged SIEM that enables you to Detect. Manage. Respond like no other.

Combine data sets from multiple sources Instead of using multiple standalone products. The combination of SIEM+SOAR, UEBA and BCS provides you with one single source of truth.

Download your complimentary copy of “SIEM Buyer’s Guide 2022” to learn about:

  • Including SOAR and UEBA in security operations

  • Converged SIEM v Standalone SIEM, SOAR, & UEBA

  • Strengthening security posture with Converged SIEM

  • How to futureproof cybersecurity operations

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