Logpoint SIEM. A Fair pricing model for the NHS 

When it comes to SIEM and security awareness, NHS organisations often experience having to prioritise and limit the monitoring of their IT infrastructure due to the data volumes and large amount of users. 

Logpoint has therefore created a tailored license for NHS organisations, which enables coverage of the entire IT infrastructure for a set cost based on the type of NHS organisation they are.

Download the “Fair Pricing” overview and discover:

  • Background to NHS Licensing.

  • How the Fair Pricing Model is calculated

  • What is included in the Fair Pricing Model

  • About Logpoint

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our NHS Fair Pricing Model in more detail, please contact our NHS team at [email protected]

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    Logpoint and NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

    How can Logpoint help you meet you in meeting the latest DSPT?

    Logpoint’s combined SIEM and SOAR platform has been providing DSPT compliance and securing the cyber posture of many entities within the NHS.

    We have been selected by multiple NHS trusts, due to our unique public sector licensing model resulting in lower comparative costs to other SIEMs, quick deployment time, and overall simplicity. 

    Download the report

    Logpoint has created a document that provides insights and guidance as to where Logpoint would assist in the meeting of the requirements laid out in the DSPT and where additional value may be gained by the use of Logpoint SIEM and SOAR technology for any NHS Trust.

    See how Logpoint supports the DSPT in this short video