The Swedish Managed Security Services provider IT-TOTAL partners with Logpoint to offer a Security Operations Center (SOC) solution to small and medium-sized organizations struggling to build adequate defenses in-house.

STOCKHOLM, February 13, 2024 – Logpoint announced today a partnership with IT-TOTAL. IT-Total delivers secure and customized IT infrastructure with great commitment. The partnership enables IT-TOTAL to offer a complete SOC service based on Logpoint Converged SIEM with real-time monitoring, detection, triage, analysis, and management of known and unknown threats.

“We’re so pleased with our collaboration with IT-TOTAL, enabling small and medium-sized organizations in Sweden to act on threats,” says Fredrik Jubran, Logpoint Regional Manager MSSP. “IT-TOTAL has a dedicated team of employees with the knowledge of methods, roles, and technology necessary to deliver a SOC service that provides real value to the customers in the mid-market. Together, we can help them as they seek to mitigate regulatory pressure and stay protected against cyberattacks.”

IT-TOTAL and Logpoint aim to help customers overcome cybersecurity challenges like the shortage of cybersecurity professionals and the heavy toll of resources associated with building a SOC in-house. Swedish organizations also face expanding data and cybersecurity regulations. For example, the Network Information Security (NIS)2 directive from the European Union introduces strict requirements for a broad range of sectors, impacting many small and medium organizations.

“We meticulously reviewed different SIEM solutions in the market, and Logpoint matched our delivery and business model,” says Diego Lopez, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager at IT-TOTAL. “Most SIEM solutions in the industry are designated to fit the larger Enterprises. Logpoint also fits small and medium organizations and offers a pay-as-you-go model. On top of this, Logpoint has a local presence in our market, which is very important to develop the business on a regional level.”

IT-TOTAL will offer Logpoint Converged SIEM, a platform that helps customers protect the entire business through comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities. The platform collects and analyzes data across the IT infrastructure, automates investigation of security events, and provides case management tools to help security analysts automate response.

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