LogPoint announces innovative SIEM architecture to benefit education, healthcare and local government.

COPENHAGEN – April 8, 2021LogPoint, the global cybersecurity innovator, announces a more efficient architecture for their SIEM with UEBA machine learning, of particular benefit for education, healthcare and local government.

As global digitization accelerated by COVID-19 forces digital interconnectivity, all sectors face increasing vulnerability to cybersecurity threat. LogPoint’s innovation enables customers in critical sectors to obtain accelerated detection and analysis capabilities – and full coverage – by delivering a predictive pricing model.

“Through the pandemic, LogPoint customers in education, healthcare and local government have been increasingly challenged by a surge in data volume, a massive rise in the number of remote connections, rapidly launching digital self-service solutions and an increasing number of targeted cyberattacks,“ says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

Other SIEM providers use technology that necessitates basing their pricing on the volume of security data, typically events per second (EPS) or data volume (GB). As data volumes soar and digital infrastructures and services expand, SIEM with volume-pricing models are increasingly, and unpredictably costly. LogPoint’s advanced, faster and more efficient processing allows for predictive price caps.

“While data volumes increase daily, our efficient technology achieves better coverage and an industry-unique predictive pricing model for all data sources. In these challenging times, we are proud that our innovations can support essential sectors by delivering a new licensing model with guaranteed, per person, per student, per healthcare provider (trust/hospital/region) caps for all LogPoint-ingested data,” says Jesper Zerlang.

This advanced, user-focused cybersecurity and fiscal control are especially relevant for sectors with fixed annual budgets, like education, healthcare and local governments. Prior to LogPoint’s innovation and pricing model, essential sectors were forced to make choices that limited what security information they could cover, leaving themselves vulnerable.

LogPoint’s technology accelerates cybersecurity detection and response, giving organizations the freedom to collaborate and the insight to adapt. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software collects security information from across the entire network and sources of any kind and structurally integrates User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) machine learning to detect and respond to threats.

These new LogPoint license models are launching immediately across markets in Europe and the US.

For more information, visit www.logpoint.com/press.

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