Logpoint SIEM. A Fair Pricing model for Universities

When it comes to SIEM and security awareness, universities often experience having to prioritise and limit the monitoring of their IT infrastructure due to the data volumes and large amount of users. 

Logpoint has therefore created a tailored license for universities, which enables coverage of the entire IT  infrastructure for a set cost based on the number of students that they have.

Download the “Fair Pricing” overview and discover:

  • Background to University Licensing.

  • How the Fair Pricing Model is calculated

  • What is included in the Fair Pricing Model

  • About Logpoint

Logpoint and Education:  University of Bedfordshire

With Logpoint, the University of Bedfordshire’s IT team has simplified management of network alerts and improved their ability to identify incidents requiring action. By converting data into actionable intelligence and improving their cybersecurity posture, Logpoint has reduced time-consuming analyses of security logs while eliminating the majority of false positives

Logpoint and Education:  Lancaster University 

With Logpoint, Lancaster University has taken cybersecurity to a new level. The Logpoint SIEM solution allows the IT security team to identify privilege misuse, observe trends, and investigate effectively, while also providing a valuable tool to optimize operations. The Logpoint node-based license model allows Lancaster University to process massive amounts of data, without fear of tipping the budget.

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