How Logpoint helps Engelbert Strauss stay ahead on the Cybersecurity curve and keep an eye out for anomalies in the IT infrastructure

German workwear company Engelbert Strauss is using Logpoint to collect and analyze logs from a diverse IT infrastructure. The Logpoint SIEM solution provides the IT department with a centralized overview, helps them stay in control and respond in real-time to potential cyberthreats.


Strauss was founded in 1946 by Engelbert Strauss with a commitment to creating the world’s finest work safety clothing. Today, Europe’s leading workwearbrand is still a family-owned company, managed jointly by Engelbert’s son Norbert Strauss and his own sons Steffen and Henning. As a very forward-looking, cutting-edge company, Strauss thinks and acts with a cross-generational view, offering a large portfolio of over 30,000 individual product lines for the whole family. The company logo, the red ostrich, is a reference to the family name Strauss, which means Ostrich in German.

Today the company is Europe’s leading manufacturer of workwear and work-equipment with a talented staff of
more than 1.300 people. Engelbert Strauss is headquartered in Biebergemünd / Frankfurt am Main in a campus soon to include a brand-new manufacturing facility with a capacity of up to 400,000 shoes per year, a textile advertising agency and high-tech logistics. Products are sold through a number of company-owned flagship stores, a global network of retailers, and online.

The Engelbert Strauss IT infrastructure includes more than 300 servers, including WMware virtualized servers running Windows and Linux, as well as a plentitude of other devices such as firewalls, routers, and even a telefax-system, that remains the preferred way for submission of purchase orders for some retailers. The company manufacturing line is not yet connected to the IT infrastructure, but as the new production facility goes online that may change.

Using LogPoint fundamentally changes the way you work with log data in your infrastructure. With LogPoint log data becomes a useful tool. It allows us to take control and get a meaningful, constant output that enables us to spot potential problems and react promptly. Before things turn into a real threat.
Markus Buss, Infrastructure Systems Administrator, Engelbert Strauss

The challenge

“There were multiple drivers in our decision to go look for a SIEM solution. But the overarching motive was to do better: provide better services, increase the security level, and use resources more efficiently. We needed the ability to analyze logs from different sources such as Active Directory, Firewalls and servers, and the ability to securely store logs for forensics,” says Markus Buss, Infrastructure Systems Administrator at Engelbert Strauss.

Most enterprises today know that that implementing perimeter, endpoint, and access control security measures are excellent first steps to reducing the risk of damage and disruption due to breaches in the IT infrastructure. But effective cybersecurity strategies also have to take into account the very real possibility that systems can be compromised, regardless of security implementation, necessitating a solid holistic view the entire infrastructure.

“We experienced a lot of unsuccessful and automated login attempts in Active Directory and in the infrastructure in general. It’s not like we had any major incidents, as we had the means to block these attempts, but it was clear to us that pressure was mounting and we needed a solution give us a full overview, help us keep a close eye on things, and alert us in case of potential breaches,” says Markus Buss.

The solution:

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