Successfully detect, monitor, and mitigate compliance risks with a holistic vulnerability management solution.

SAP SuccessFactors is comprised of a dozen unique modules that handle almost every aspect of human capital management. Naturally, the system stores a wealth of personal data, ranging from basic details such as date of birth to potentially more sensitive information such as salary, bank details, pension schemes, social security numbers, or religion.

Protecting the confidentiality of employee information and safeguarding these sensitive assets is key to meeting compliance regulations. 

Aida Grollov
Aida Grollov

Product Marketing Manager

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Monitoring and understanding the impact of users’ actions is essential to protecting the data against misuse. Getting this contextual insight is difficult as SAP SuccessFactors logs lay scattered across thousands of different reports and events.  

Currently, the only method available for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing logs is manual. But due to the sheer wealth of data, this is beyond human capacity – and is extremely ineffective, costly, and delivers delayed results.  

Being one step ahead and proactively mitigating threats within SAP SuccessFactors is currently almost impossible. 

Let no breach slip through the cracks with end-to-end monitoring of your entire SAP SuccessFactors landscape  

How it's done

BCS for SuccessFactors is uniquely built to keep your data safe from misuse and help you stay compliant with data privacy laws.  

We automatically extract and continually monitor, cross-correlate and analyze relevant logs to deliver you a detailed, contextual, and real-time threat visibility into your entire SuccessFactors landscape.  

BCS for SuccessFactors monitors the following: 

With hundreds of exposures logged daily, understanding the context, and successfully distinguishing potential risks from critical vulnerabilities is difficult, especially as security teams already are stretched thin. To ease overview, we deliver a centralized overview of incidents through dashboards. Incidents are prioritized to reduce alert storms and help security teams effectively eradicate vulnerabilities that matter the most. Today, organizations receive more than 2027 alerts related to application security, each month.*

This data can be condensed into reports and easily shared with relevant stakeholders in the organization. 

And the best of it all – BCS for SuccessFactors is easily deployable and works with any SIEM. Securing your SAP SuccessFactors and ensuring compliance is just one click away.  
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* Source: Dynatrace, 2022 CISO Research Report