As volumes of data increase exponentially, businesses are seeking more and more help from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). It makes sense. But outsourcing that part of your business can cause understandable anxiety. Does the MSSP solution use the right SIEM tool? Are they able to keep your business information secure?

At Logpoint, our modern SIEM solution gives you the peace of mind you’re seeking. MSSP partners have considered our solution market-leading for years and has been developed in close cooperation with global MSSP partners to deliver the world-class commercial service and technical agility the market demands.

We designed Logpoint multi-tenancy SIEM to provide our customers with the fastest, most efficient and automated service possible. To ensure this, our solution is easy to implement and highly scalable to your unique needs.

Your commercial service through Managed Security Service Providers

  • We offer commercial flexibility, so you can grow as you scale without worrying about log volume or events per second.
  • We provide you with a complete solution including audits, services and cybersecurity.
  • Compliance and log review are supported out of the box.
  • Support compliance requirements with ready-made reports and dashboards.

Technical services delivered by those that know

  • Logpoint is truly a solution for multi-tenancy, making the MSSP model more efficient in the management of the solution.
  • We support easy integration with all systems on your infrastructure (API enabled).
  • You can augment and connect to the Logpoint solution to existing automation and orchestration platforms.
  • Utilize the data privacy mode for compliance and privacy concerns across the full platform — you decide when and who can see which data.
  • We offer 24/7 availability with state-of-the-art support.

Certified partners

We only work with the best. To ensure they’re prepared to meet your business’ needs, all our MSSP partners have been trained at Logpoint Academy. This means they’re certified in optimizing the SIEM solution that fits your specific needs. They understand how to improve your cybersecurity posture and create immediate business value for you.

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