Cybersecurity used to be seen as a less-than-necessary investment. Business leaders were of the opinion that it’s better to gamble on not getting targeted by threat actors than to spend money on protecting their digital infrastructure and consequently diminish their profits. 

And so, fast forward to today and this opinion is way outdated. Thanks to the overwhelming evidence that a security breach can devastate your business or organization, plus the number of cybersecurity businesses ready and able to deliver ROI. 

What’s more, rather than aiming for ‘just’ a return on investment, forward-thinking CISOs and other business leaders are seeing cybersecurity as a means of business growth. 

Before we talk about the opportunities created by cybersecurity, let’s touch on why it’s such an essential investment in 2023. 


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Cybersecurity is a must-have for all modern businesses

Right now, cyberattacks occur far too frequently for businesses to be complacent. There are new threats, new vectors, and new actors, these are being met by an ever developing cybersecurity solutions sector.  

As cybersecurity technology evolves, these tools are becoming more accessible — and more successful — than ever before. Businesses now have a choice of different products, price points, and payment structures, so they do not need to make the call between investing in cyber protection or cutting back in other areas. 

This is good news for modern organizations, especially those underpinned by a mostly digital foundation. As digital transformation continues, more doors open for digital threats — and this makes a business vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches.  

These vulnerabilities are likely to become more stressed the more your business scales; the larger you grow your team, the more devices and endpoints you include, and the more data you start processing.  

Partnering with the right cybersecurity supplier is one way to modernize your approach and better protect your business. 

Understanding today’s cybersecurity threats 

The word ‘hacker’ used to conjure images of a lone wolf sitting in a dark basement — someone with a talent for coding but driven by a hunger for disruption. 

Today’s cybercriminals are a different breed. It’s commonplace for hackers to form a group, bonded by a shared comradery and cause. Threat actors are more connected than ever, and this has given rise to a new criminal phenomenon. 

‘CyberCrime as a Service’, or CCaaS, is an established form of revenue for those with the ‘skills’ for cybercrime. It’s no longer the case that those with bad intentions have to carry out the dirty work themselves — they can simply hire someone to act in their place. This creates a market for threat packages, which means they are available to anyone that wants to use them. 

So, to withstand — and stay ahead of — this rapidly evolving threat landscape, smart business leaders must put cybersecurity at the heart of their operations, boosting their prognosis in a world filled with threat actors. 

Beyond ROI: ensuring cybersecurity resilience 

Cybersecurity resilience is an all-encompassing term for sustainable, water-tight digital infrastructure. 

This resilience, means being able to detect, locate, and deal with attacks. The first step is to secure a form of surveillance to spot suspicious activity, followed by containment and then mitigating action. 

Malicious actors do not adhere to regular working hours — your security operation needs to be razor sharp, twenty-four hours a day. Monitoring and detection operations should run constantly, to fend off any threats. 

Consequently, threats are ever-evolving to try and get ahead of newly implemented defense strategies. This means that your cybersecurity solution needs to be dynamic and responsive to the fresh tactics and methods that hackers deploy. 

If you can achieve that, then your cybersecurity spend shifts from being an insurance policy (bought ‘just in case’ of attack) to a proactive investment in the future of your business. What’s more, you will be better placed to protect your business as you scale. 

At Logpoint, our SaaS protection is formulated from event information and threat detection from across the web. This means we’re able to provide the most up-to-date and relevant cybersecurity solutions for your enterprise. 

Leaders need to step up and pave the way 

As a C-Suite leader, you set the tone for others to follow. 

  • Create a culture at your organization that places cybersecurity at the forefront of your priorities. Doing so will inspire others to understand its importance. 
  • Educate your colleagues on intelligent cybersecurity practices, to promote better organizational health and resilience to threats. As with tactics such as phishing, it only takes one member of staff not to recognize a malicious email to create a route in for malware.  
  • Place digital upskilling on the agenda to minimize breach events. Achieving buy-in from staff means there are more vigilant eyes and ears available to safeguard your enterprise. 
  • Establish a long-term partnership with a world-class cybersecurity provider to cement a strong foundation and build resilience into your business. 

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