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LogPoint provides continuous support and system monitoring worldwide, regardless your location or time zone. Focus on keeping your business safe with our tools, resources, and experts by your side.  

LogPoint consistently receives high satisfaction rankings for support with a 4.6 rating in Gartner Peer Insights and a 95% rating in Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Reports. Our customers appreciate especially the timeliness of LogPoint’s response to customers and the quality of technical support provided. Our median first response time is less than an hour. 

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Visit the LogPoint Community to find answers, ask questions and get tips from other LogPoint users. 

Explore LogPoint support & monitoring plans 

Global Support 

LogPoint Standard Support gives direct access to LogPoint support staff and all the assistance you need. You get access to the LogPoint app store, Community, all relevant documentation in our Doc Portal, and software updates through our Help Center. We also offer 24/7 support for assistance wherever you are and whenever you need it. 

Are you seeking complete freedom from worry? We also offer 24/7 support for assistance wherever you are and whenever you need it. Our upgradable support packages ensure commitment and resource allocation on any issues until they are resolved, updating you throughout the process. Moreover, our Technical Account Manager service provides a dedicated team focusing on the technical success of your Logpoint solution.

Master the security management best practices and get a deep insight into your security operations platform with Logpoint training. Our Extended and Premium packages come with training vouchers that can be used for any paid Logpoint training, tailored to your organization and role. Get more details on our training options here.

Choose the level of support according to your needs 

  Standard Support  Extended Support  Premium Support 
Support via web portal, email, and phone      
Access to Help Center, including free software updates      
Access to Knowledge Resources      
Training vouchers   2 vouchers 6 vouchers
First response SLA < 4 business hours < 2 calendar hours < 1 calendar hour
Follow-up response SLA N/A Every 8 calendar hours* Every calendar hour*
Resolution target during business hours  
Resolution target during calendar hours    
Technical Account Manager    
Service hours Business hours (9-5) 24/7, urgent only 24/7
Pricing Included in your license cost Starting at EUR 475 /month Starting at EUR 1,417 /month

*Depending on the priority of the issue

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If so, download the Global Support brochure for more information.

Logpoint Support Portal

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Operations Monitoring 

In addition to support, LogPoint offers Operations Monitoring to help keep track of your system and keep it running efficiently. The Operations Monitoring service helps in monitoring the health and status of the LogPoint platform, protecting your business from threats. 

Why choose Operations Monitoring 

Availability and resilience

Save up to 50% of your time on maintenance tasks 


Have your LogPoint solution always up to date 


Get reviews and advice from our experts

Our dedicated team monitors and maintains the system, ensuring that your LogPoint solution is always up-to-date and operating optimally. LogPoint Operations Monitoring frees up time spent on system maintenance, so you can focus on high-priority tasks like investigating and responding to threats.  

How Operations Monitoring supports your organization 

  • LogPoint and OS monitoring 
  • Hardware monitoring and service assistance 
  • Recommendations for improved performance 
  • Creating and managing support tickets 
  • Monthly system reports 
  • LogPoint upgrade assistance 
  • Automatic system checks 
  • Manual system checks 
  • Service hours in your time zone