Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

  • Reduce cyber security risk with automated playbooks that facilitate rapid investigation, containment, and removal of cyber threats
  • SOAR guides analysts by automatically providing context enrichment, helping increase the efficiency of security operations
  • Orchestrate security tools and integrations to streamline security processes and automate response
  • Easily compile reports helping to meet compliance regulations such as NIS2 and KRITIS
  • 620+ SOAR integrations and 6,800+ SOAR Actions are available

Achieving a 77% Reduction in Time to Resolution with Logpoint SOAR

Logpoint SOAR 

Decreases the Time to Detect and Respond

Efficiency of security teams is driven by utilizing automated structured workflows for day-to-day tasks.

​​Logpoint’s Converged SIEM platform ensures there is direct flow from SIEM to SOAR.

Security data and alerts are gathered and prioritized helping analysts identify and resolve incidents fast.

First-Class Cyber Intelligence

SOAR stores and prioritizes alerts and security data from multiple sources and systems, ensuring that the security analyst and the CISO have all the necessary information for faster detection and response to threats.

Increase SOC Effectiveness and Collaboration

SOAR automatically pulls your cyber incidents and supporting data together in one place and uses playbooks to guide analysts to faster decisions and more efficient SOC team collaboration.

Logpoint SOAR Use Cases

Logpoint SOAR acts quickly and automatically based on the classification of the alerts mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Reduce alert fatigue and significantly increase productivity in your SOC team by implementing these Common SOAR Use Cases

Automated Alert Triage and Enrichment

Logpoint SOAR automates alert triage and enriches the alerts with additional information from multiple sources enabling analysts to focus on incidents requiring human intervention.

Automated Threat Intelligence Management

Logpoint SOAR’s threat intelligence capabilities include the centralized collection of TI, a lower risk rating on a TI feed based on actual false positives found, and fusion and deduplication of TI feeds.

Automated Phishing Investigation and Response

Within seconds Logpoint SOAR can orchestrate and automate actions to investigate and respond to the high volume of alerts and determine the severity and respond accordingly, ensuring that the security team prioritizes the most critical malware attacks, drastically minimizing risk.

Endpoint Malware Mitigation

With AgentX, Logpoint SOAR can orchestrate and automate actions to investigate and respond to the high volume of alerts. They determine the severity and respond accordingly, ensuring that the security team prioritizes the most critical malware attacks, drastically minimizing risk.

Utilize Logpoint SOAR to Investigate Phishing Emails:

  • Automate 33% of phishing verdicts
  • Shorten queue time drastically and reduce business risk
  • Save an estimated over $80,000 a year
  • Time Savings: An estimated 72 days, or 30% of an FTE per year.

6 Reasons To Choose Logpoint

Endpoint threat analysis and compliance –Logs and telemetry from your endpoints are normalized into a single taxonomy via SIEM. Get more in-depth analyses of security issues with operational context. It’s also a perfect ally for the compliance team as it helps identify PCI violations and runs policy checks to detect which devices enter a non-compliant state.

Security orchestration, automation and response –Rapidly contain and remove threats while minimizing the risk of human error. Analysts can group similar incidents into a case and run playbooks directly from it. SOAR prioritizes alerts and security data from different sources and brings order to chaos, pulling all cyber incidents and supporting data together in one place.

UEBA powered by machine-learning – Detect unknown threats by determining user and entity abnormal behavior from normal one, cutting detection and response time significantly. Combine UEBA with SIEM to make events more insightful and discover authentication abnormalities, data transfer activities or activity-based inconsistencies. 

Centralized data monitoring for heightened visibility – Logpoint SIEM collects event data produced by any device, application or endpoint within your infrastructure. By centralizing the data monitoring you improve your visibility into your network and IT infrastructure. 

Powerful security analytics  – By translating complex log data into a single language, Logpoint maps the alerts to MITRE ATT&CK for better analysis of user activity and incidents. Get your data in context and visualize it with intuitive dashboard that allow you to quickly detect and investigate incidents. 

Quick and flexible deployment – Whether you need full control of a SIEM solution in your own infrastructure or simply want a solution with zero infrastructure to manage, we got you covered. With easy onboarding and implementation, the platform is available with a minimal lead time.  

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    By improving event visibility across the entire IT architecture, Logpoint has enabled 80-90% time savings in incident diagnostics, faster problem resolution and major improvements in the service quality for end-users. 

    Cédric Chevrel, CISO

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