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Replace your existing cybersecurity solution
with Logpoint

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running fast

Our onboarding and implementation process makes cybersecurity available to you in a matter of days.


Stay agile with updates to solution capabilities, detection, and response. Keeping you future-proofed against emerging threats.

and secure

Logpoint is compliant with the strictest data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and SCHREMS-2.

Onapsis vs. Logpoint

Compare directly, like for like!
  Onapsis Logpoint
GDPR compliance support for SAP
Business process monitoring for SAP
IT service intelligence support for SAP
Classic SIEM data analytics and real-time monitoring
Threat detection with ML and rule-based detectors
Automated investigation and response for SAP
Support for SAP SaaS integrations

Why our customers choose Logpoint

Level up your cybersecurity capabilities!

30 minutes with our experts will improve your capabilities.

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