Returning from the US, LogPoint founder takes the boardroom path after 18 years of leadership

COPENHAGEN – December 22, 2021 – LogPoint, the global cybersecurity innovator, has announced that company founder Soren Laustrup is stepping down from day-to-day operations at the end of 2021, following 18 years of leadership. Laustrup remains a significant shareholder in LogPoint and will continue as chairman of the LogPoint board.

“I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved at LogPoint. We have become one of the leading SIEM vendors in the world and have made a meaningful contribution to global security. We’ve disrupted the market, challenged the technology giants, and consistently generated double-digit growth. And I have had the privilege to do it with some of the most visionary and talented people around”, says Soren Laustrup.

Laustrup recently returned to Denmark after having led the LogPoint expansion into the US market since 2018. In the past 10 years, he has been dedicated to breaking ground in new markets for LogPoint, and has passionately engaged with customers at all levels. Since 2009, Laustrup and LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang have constituted a very effective “two-in-a-box” leadership duo at LogPoint.

“Soren and I have been on an amazing journey together. We have grown a team of 20 dedicated LogPointers in 2009 to more than 300 unique talents in 14 countries across the US, Europe, and Asia today”, says Jesper Zerlang.
“LogPoint has matured as an organization and is entering the hyper-growth phase, and I fully understand that Soren now wants to leave day-to-day management responsibilities and hand over to the strong leadership team. His continued contribution as the chairman of the board and strategic perspective will serve LogPoint well in the future”.

In the past 15 months, LogPoint has completed two key technology acquisitions, providing the company with a position as a global leader in SAP security. LogPoint has added SOAR and XDR technology to the Security Operations portfolio and has successfully raised an additional $30m in Series B funding, bringing the total funding raised to $42m.

“I am confident that my decision is the best for LogPoint, and I’m excited to pursue a strategic role on the board. LogPoint is very well positioned in the global cybersecurity arena, and I’m sure that the company will continue to innovate and grow based on the rock-solid foundation we have built in the past decade”, says Soren Laustrup.

Lautrup is a significant shareholder in LogPoint alongside the Germany-based growth equity investor Digital+ Partners and US-based Evolution Equity Partners. Recently Jerusalem Venture Partners joined the LogPoint circle of investors as a minority shareholder.

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