“2021 has been the most exciting year in LogPoint history. In the past 12 months, we have advanced everywhere. We have introduced new groundbreaking SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR technology. We have hired the most talented people in cybersecurity. Expanded our geographical footprint and continued double-digit growth.

Through 2021 we have seen how cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication across the globe. At the same time, cyber security teams are confronted with a global shortage of talent, making it difficult to keep up with well-organized attackers.

In response, LogPoint has taken a new holistic approach to cybersecurity operations: We provide our customers with solutions that accelerate and automate detection, investigation, and response. Both in the overall IT infrastructure and in the business-critical applications that are the backbone of the global economy.

We have introduced solutions that are not for the few but are affordable and easy to implement in organizations of all sizes. We facilitate collaboration in cyber security teams, sharing knowledge of adversary tactics, and help establish processes for swift and automated response to attacks.

From Boston to Tel Aviv and Kathmandu, across the capitals of Europe, 300 LogPointers are working to secure the digital heart of organizations.

I wish our customers and partners a happy new year on behalf of all of us, as we pledge to push the boundaries of cybersecurity technology yet again in 2022.”

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