How Logpoint is helping Scildon improve
cybersecurity while saving administrators’

Logpoint provides a flexible and efficient solution for security analytics at Dutch life- and pension provider Scildon. Implementing Logpoint provided Scildon upwards of 75% in savings on valuable administrators’ resources.


Scildon is a Dutch Life- and Pension Insurance company, based in Hilversum in the Netherlands. Originally founded in 1984 as Legal & General Nederland, the company was renamed Scildon in 2017 when it was acquired by the UK-based Chesnara-group, that owns life and pension companies in the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Scildon is an award-winning provider of risk and investment-linked products in the Dutch market, sold through independent financial advisers to high net worth customers. The company also offers a group pension platform focusing on SME’s. The company manages EUR 2 bn of funds on behalf of 278.000 customers in the Netherlands.

The Scildon IT department supports approx. 175 users in a network with upwards of 150 serves and network devices. Also, the infrastructure includes more than 400 assets such as computers, printers, and other end-user devices.

Previously we would take turns spending hours analyzing the logs of the previous day. It was a dreadful and time-consuming task, often including conversion of data to other formats and split-screen work for manual correlation between log sources. Today everything is nicely served up, and if anything is missing, I’ll just take 15 min to create a dashboard that will tell me what I need. A 50% reduction was the target, but in reality, it’s more like 75%.

Alastair Kirkman,

Security Manager, Scildon

The challenge

In 2015 Scildon wanted to gain more insight into the log sources within the company IT infrastructure, to be able to mitigate the risks they saw in their daily business. In a complex IT environment, manually accessing and analyzing log files was becoming increasingly ineffective, resource consuming and cumbersome.

“In addition to being labor-intensive, manually scanning generic log files also meant that analysis was inherently retrospective. Effectively we would be reviewing the previous day, which is far from optimal from a security perspective,” says Alastair Kirkman, Security Manager at Scildon.

“Also we wanted to extend access to log files to our application support team in a controlled fashion, making sure that information was shared on a need-to-know basis,” he says.

Following a comprehensive review of SIEM solutions in the market, Kirkman and his team shortlisted three vendors. Logpoint was proposed by iSOC24, a Logpoint certified Gold partner since 2013, specializing in cybersecurity in the Benelux-region. Following a Proof-of-Concept, Logpoint was selected as the platform of choice.

The solution

Download the full case to learn how Scildon increases cybersecurity and reduces administrators’ workload with Logpoint: