How Logpoint empowers ETS Consulting to improve cybersecurity

ETS Consulting has significantly enhanced security services to its customers by adding Logpoint’s SIEM+SOAR solution to its arsenal.

With Logpoint, we:

  • Speeds up response time by 80 percent
  • Reduces time spent on business as usual tasks by 85 percent
  • Reduces infrastructure costs


In 2015, ETS Consulting was founded to address a growing demand for cybersecurity services. Headquartered in El Salvador, the company’s 30 employees serve customers across Central America and the Caribbean in sectors spanning finance, government, and large enterprises. ETS Consulting’s distinctive array of solutions includes connectivity, visibility, and security, all underpinned by an unwavering devotion to customer satisfaction.

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), ETS Consulting has a hybrid infrastructure consisting of on-premises and cloud solutions. With this setup, ETS Consulting can cater to its customers’ differing needs, for example, in terms of log storage.

“Our security analysts now have improved visibility significantly, enabling them to detect and respond swiftly to security incidents. With Logpoint, we are 80% quicker to respond to threats, and we’ve reduced the time we spend on tasks by 85%.”

Natanael Calderón, Technology Manager,


The challenge

A leading security solutions provider, ETS Consulting found itself on a quest to augment its existing portfolio with cutting-edge Security Operations Center (SOC) services a few years ago. The existing open-source SIEM solution didn’t cut it anymore.

The goal was to provide customers with a harmonious balance between excellence and cost-effectiveness to give ETS Consulting an edge in the competitive landscape.

“We needed to implement SOC services to complement our portfolio and sought an integrated and modular solution to provide our customers with a single pane of glass to monitor and mitigate security incidents,” says Natanael Calderón, Technology Manager at ETS Consulting. “A must for the solution was a high technical capacity, allowing us to be competitive.”

ETS Consulting’s mission was clear: Discovering a scalable, technically robust SIEM solution that would uphold the company’s reputation for delivering value and strong services.

The solution

Download the full case to learn how Logpoint enables ETS Consulting to increase Security and improve operational efficiency: