How Logpoint is helping AP Pension securing
assets and safeguarding data

As a respected, independent Danish pension cooperative, AP Pension takes great care of its owners – who are the customers themselves. The company has achieved financial security for the businesses it serves, and they’ve also chosen to safeguard their sensitive data through Logpoint.


In 2006, AP Pension noticed a dire need to make their information security more efficient, and the need to implement a proactive log management solution was apparent. As Mette Ketting, Security Manager at AP Pension said “We realized that our log file management process was both reactive and extremely time-consuming,… But we also lacked the ability to detect system-related incidents unless a specifically configured monitor had reacted to one – and monitors are only useful if you know what to monitor. They can never offer insight from more than a single system at any one point.”

Thanks to the implementation of Logpoint, AP Pension now fully meets regulatory standards, while at the same time gaining valuable insight into its entire IT operation. A professional solution for a very professional organization

Mette Ketting, Security Manager,

AP Pension

Results/ value derived from Logpoint

The company had two requirements in searching for a log management solution, according to Mette: Strict compliance and proactive management. “Firstly, we are subject to strict financial regulations. This requires that log files from our systems can be preserved in a separate, protected environment for a minimum of five years. Secondly, we need to be able to correlate events from multiple systems, and we need to be able to work with this data in a proactive manner.”