In case you missed it. Logpoint hosted a webinar entitled ‘Trade-off between digital innovation and IT security’ on September 27th 2022, and the panellists discussed at length the importance of SAP security. For instance: 

Did you know: 65% of the SAP systems have been breached in the past 24 months?  

With 87% of global commerce making its way through SAP systems and all the business-critical information stored in an SAP system that is a lot of breaches. They yield great consequences to any organization that falls victim of a successful attack and is compromised in any way. 

To ensure you are not a statistic SAP security should be one of the first considerations on your digital journey. 

Our Logpoint panelists for the discussion:  

  • Tim Wallen (Regional Director, Logpoint) 
  • Brian Driscol (Enterprise Sales Manager, Logpoint) 
  • And, Christoph Aschauer (Director – BCS for SAP, Logpoint)  

Missed the webinar? Catch a re-run here, or if you attended take a look again and get a recap below. 


During the webinar the discussion centred around the ‘security challenges found within in hybrid SAP landscapes’. Just what can happen to your company should you fall victim to a breach?  

Well, your entire business operation is at risk, you can fail the all-important audit, and subsequently fail to be compliant with GDPR. And, importantly, your Intellectual Property is vital to your organization – Why put your reputation at risk? 

The panellists then take the discussion into the real world in the form of a ‘digital transformation security case’, before addressing the elephant in the room – ‘Removing the SAP blind spot in IT security’ and, of course, ending in a Q&A session. 

Join Tim, Brian and Christoph, and discover how you can secure your business-critical systems by incorporating SAP into your cybersecurity infrastructure at the link above. And if you would like to discuss further head over to the demo button and book a slot. 

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