• Sergio Lozano Álvarez, Product Marketing Manager
  • Sikander Bahadur Kunwar, Product Owner

Date: May 28, 2024 11:00 AM

One of the main challenges SOC teams face when dealing with security incidents is the possibility of losing control over their security operations platform. Our latest updates put emphasis on giving more control to Logpoint users like you. In this release, you can find new features and enhancements, such as
  • Log source templates to quickly onboard new syslog-based hosts with the correct normalizers.
  • Performance improvements to control the outcome and the time it takes when querying large volumes of logs.
  • A dark mode interface for more readability and accessibility but keeping the same color schematic so you don’t have to find your way through the platform.
  • A new monitoring dashboard to keep the health of your tenant’s systems under control and uncover hidden issues.
Join our webinar to learn more about these and other updates and find out how Logpoint helps you keep your security operations under control.