Usage Policy

This Usage Policy applies to Converged SIEM products provided by LogPoint. The terms of this Usage Policy may be updated by LogPoint periodically at reasonable discretion and made applicable thirty (30) days after email notice of the update is sent to Customer at the Technical Contact email provided by Customer in the Order Form.

The following terms apply to Converged SIEM:

A. What is Customer and their Authorized Users prohibited from doing?

  1. Using Converged SIEM to violate the rights of others;
  2. Using Converged SIEM to harm, overload, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to any service, network, system, device, data, or account provided or owned by LogPoint or any third party, including any other user of Converged SIEM;
  3. Using Converged SIEM in any situation where Customer knows or should reasonably know that failure or fault of Converged SIEM could lead to death or serious bodily injury of any person, or physical or environmental damage;
  4. Using Converged SIEM in a manner prohibited by Applicable Law, regulation, or government order, including without limitation any laws regarding the export of data or software, email spamming, and distribution of malware;
  5. Erasing or removing any intellectual property right notices contained in Converged SIEM;
  6. Using automated scripts to collect information from or otherwise interact with Converged SIEM;
  7. Attempting to defeat, remove, or otherwise circumvent any software protection or monitoring mechanisms of Converged SIEM; and
  8. Authorizing or inducing any third party to do any of the above.

B. As a Customer, what must I do?

  1. Upon written request from LogPoint, Customer must promptly remove any data or application stored in Converged SIEM that violates this Usage Policy;
  2. In the event Customer becomes aware of any known or suspected violation by its user(s) of this Usage Policy, Customer shall immediately: (a) provide electronic notice to LogPoint of the violation, (b) suspend such user’s access to Converged SIEM, and (c) cooperate with LogPoint in any investigation of such known or suspected violation by Customer’s user(s);
  3. The customer acknowledges that Converged SIEM is designed with capabilities for the Customer to access Converged SIEM without regard to geographic location and to transfer or otherwise move data and applications between Converged SIEM and other locations. Customer and not LogPoint shall authorize and manage all user accounts, as well as export control and geographic transfer of Customer’s data and applications;
  4. Customer shall be solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, content, legality, intellectual property ownership, or right to Customer’s data (Customer Data) and applications stored in Converged SIEM, including any applicable notice, takedown, or other data security and data management policies. LogPoint reserves the right to review, refuse, or remove any or all Customer Data or applications from Converged SIEM to comply with Applicable Law;
  5. The customer shall require all of the Customer’s Authorized Users to comply with this Usage Policy.