Logpoint SIEM. A Fair pricing model for Local Government

When it comes to SIEM and security awareness, Local Government organisations often experience having to prioritise and limit the monitoring of their IT infrastructure due to the data volumes and large amount of users.

Logpoint has therefore created a tailored license for Local Government organisations, which enables coverage of the entire IT infrastructure for a set cost based on the number of residents in that administrative area. This license is available for all Councils throughout the United Kingdom. This creates a predictable licensing model.

Download the “Fair Pricing” overview and discover:

  • Background to Local Government Licensing.

  • How the Fair Pricing Model is calculated

  • What is included in the Fair Pricing Model

  • About Logpoint

Logpoint and Local Goverment:  Strata Service Solutions

Strata Service Solutions Ltd. are delivering transformational IT services to three local authorities in the South West of England. A key tool in enabling this transformational change is the Logpoint SIEM solution, which allows Strata to increase Security and improve operational efficiency across East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council, and Teignbridge district Council.

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