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Compliance with NIS2 is not an option

  • NIS2 is an EU directive adopted by the EU parliament in November 2022
  • All EU member states are expected to comply with NIS2 Directive by 2024
  • NIS2 Directive includes stricter security requirements, reporting obligations, and enforcement requirements for a broader scope of organizations
  • For non-compliance and failure, the fine can be up to €10m or 2% of the business’s worldwide annual turnover
EU General Data Protection Regulation
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The Report

What is NIS2?

NIS2 is an EU directive adopted by the EU parliament in November 2022. It aims to protect critical infrastructure within the EU from cyber threats and to achieve a high level of security across the EU.

Building upon the 2016 NIS directive, NIS2 includes stricter security requirements, reporting obligations, and enforcement requirements for a broader scope of organizations.

Find out what NIS2 means for the compliance of your company and how it fits within cybersecurity.

Download the paper and discover:

  • How to comply with NIS2.
  • How Logpoint helps with compliance with NIS2.
  • What steps should you take to adjust.
  • Why you should assess risk and apply mitigations.
The Checklist

How do you comply?

Compliance with NIS2 is not an option. For that you need to meet a set of requirements. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re in compliance with NIS2 directive. Simply proceed and check off the prompts or tasks as you go.

NIS2 – The Checklist

Download the checklist and make ensure you have everything in place to comply with the NIS2 directive. Simply work your way through and check off the prompts or tasks.


Logpoint SIEM – here to help!

What is SIEM?
Modern SIEM solutions provides a comprehensive and centralized view of the security posture of an IT infrastructure and provides cyber security professionals with insights into the activities within their IT environment.

  • Accelerate threat detection and investigation​
  • Centralize data monitoring ​
  • Out-of-the-box compliance support, such as NIS2
Converged SIEM

Unify your SIEM – with Logpoint Converged SIEM

Logpoint Converged SIEM helps SOC teams combine data sets from multiple sources. Instead of using multiple standalone products, you now have one single source of truth.

Converged SIEM is the only unified platform that delivers SIEM+SOAR, UEBA, Endpoint Security and BCS capabilities as a service directly to critical Infrastructure – all from a single plane of glass.

Logpoint Converged SIEM provides key components to NIS2 compliance.

Logpoint Converged SIEM

How We Help

Converged Platform

By combining SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, Endpoint Security and BCS for SAP security analysts are facilitated to become more efficient and consistent in threat response

Unmatched Automation

Playbooks allow analysts to automate across tools and increase security posture with no implementation required

Outcomes-Based Solution

Automatically get ready-to-use security content to ensure the detection of the latest threats 

Predict the Cost

Predictable licensing based on factors that are within your control – No unplanned price hikes, full predictability.

You are not left alone – Customers consistently praise the services and support team from Logpoint, and we pride ourselves in guiding you to success

Limits Customer Effort – Logpoint takes care of data mapping, equipped with thousands of prebuilt use cases, and delivers third-party integrations out of the box 

Keep improving – Based on your data, Logpoint automatically suggests analytics, workflows, and automation to increase your security coverage 

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Learn how Logpoint Converged SIEM can help you comply with NIS2

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