By Gitte Gade, Product Marketing Manager, LogPoint

In addition to sharing analytics and dashboards, LogPoint 6.11 allows you to control access permissions when sharing alert rules.

Focus your time on updated and relevant alerts by tuning alerts and sharing them across geographies and business units.

Work efficiently across departments with LogPoint 6.11

The latest LogPoint release helps security analysts work efficiently by ensuring that you are not overwhelmed by redundant or outdated alerts. It also helps decrease the number of false positives. You can quickly and easily configure role-based access to alert rules, and LogPoint automatically shares any update to a rule with all relevant users.

Role-based access to alert rules provides a significant benefit when the security team runs the same rules on different data sets. When you update a rule according to new knowledge about a threat, LogPoint automatically updates the rule across all data sets. Role-based access to alert rules increases efficiency because it eliminates the need to create duplicate rules every time you tune an alert.


 It’s easy to grant and control access to alert rules with LogPoint 6.11.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Ubuntu version

With Ubuntu 16.04 at the end of life, we want to ensure customers have access to the latest software and security developments. In LogPoint 6.11, we included an upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04. We recommend all LogPoint users upgrade to LogPoint 6.11 so they continue to receive security updates from Ubuntu.

Download LogPoint 6.11 today!

Visit the LogPoint Help Center to download the latest version of LogPoint and read the release notes.