LogPoint’s Tech Hub in the CTO office in Copenhagen is a great place to work if you’re interested in cutting-edge technology like machine learning, cloud, and advanced analytics – all to make the world a safer place.

Niels, Jon, and Martha are all managers at the CTO team, and in this blog post, they provide their views on the culture, work environment, and management style.

 Niels GammelgaardMeet Niels Gammelgaard, VP Engineering

“What we’re building in the CTO team is at the center of the value proposition for Logpoint. For a technologist, that’s a great position because we have the resources and the support to create something truly unique that makes the world a safer place. That is both exciting and rewarding work.

I believe that candid feedback and strong collaboration drive my team to grow and learn. We discuss ideas and challenges to find the best possible solutions together, and that’s very important to succeed. Everyone at Logpoint wants to succeed and have fun while doing it.”

Martha ChrisanderMeet Martha Chrisander, Head of Product Marketing

“At Logpoint, you get many chances to develop and grow, and you get the feedback and opportunities to be the best that you can be. For example, our CTO went out on a limb and gave me the chance to be a manager. And the best part is that he listens to me and prioritizes me.

In my view, not being afraid to fail is how we get the best results. And to achieve an environment where people aren’t afraid to fail, we need trust and openness. Luckily, all LogPointers are in it together, and everyone is always ready to try something new – plus, there’s always drinks at the Friday bar.”

Jon Gisli EgilssonMeet Jon Gisli Egilsson, Director of Engineering

“At Logpoint, we’re building great cybersecurity solutions with a purpose – we’re making the world better. Right now, we are at the scale-up stage of our journey; teams form, ideas are born, and the culture is brewing. It’s inspiring and unique to be a part of that.

I manage by trust and delegation. We hire great people, so why not trust them. Plus, we face many different challenges that different people and skillsets can solve. People always do their best and focus on quality, so my job is to weigh in with sustainability to create a healthy, enjoyable work life.”

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