How is your organization preparing to deal with the new and sophisticated cyber threats?

Here at LogPoint, we’ve worked hard to develop a world-class SIEM solution, which minimizes threat detection and response time and gives your organization a streamlined overview of its data. We stay on top of things.

In the current environment, nonetheless, many organizations have to undergo a complex process to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Combining services from log management, SIEM, threat intelligence to UEBA can be expensive and complicated – while the possibility of an all-encompassing solution still seems far-out in the future.

LogPoint aims to be a disruptive force in the cyber security field. At LogPoint, we are directing our efforts towards improved efficacy and accelerated detection and response. Through orchestration and automation, driven by machine learning, enabling our platform to take over the manual tasks associated with the initial stages of security incident investigation.

We also know that to do so, we need to keep on learning. Constantly. We believe learning is the only way to move forward and improve our product to serve ever-growing market needs.

On that note, we think RSA Conference is such a fantastic way of bringing together some of the brightest minds and top leaders within IT security and facilitating mutual learning and knowledge sharing. Which is why we’re joining it this year! We couldn’t miss such an exciting opportunity to network and meet like-minded individuals, passionate about technology and aiming towards a common goal of making our world a safer place from cyberattacks.

RSA Conference

San Francisco, USA

April, 16 – 20, 2018

We’ll be there!

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