Source: Data Protection Risk and Regulation in the Global Economy, Ponemon Institute LLC, June 2016

Several organizations are currently undertaking GDPR implementation
– but many lack the technology to map and protect the data required in order become GDPR compliance.

By imposing compliance requirements against advanced algorithms for detecting unusual patterns
of activity you now get the most out of your LogPoint solution.

The GDPR Reports are part of LogPoint‘s GDPR-related activities and these are just
some of the benefits:

  • Provides understanding of critical data flows and critical data transactions
  • Empowers process improvement by giving an overview of current level of compliance
  • Provides the means to evaluate observed baselines and known-bad behavior
  • Uses the advanced analytics capabilities of a SIEM to detect known-unknowns and unknown-unknowns to make compliance easier
  • Supports audits

The following templates on GDPR reports based on Windows and Firewalls are now available for download on the
Help Center from the GDPR application:

  • International Connections
  • Account Management & Data Modification
  • Network Access
  • File Access
  • General Access
  • Policies
  • User Privilege Escalation
  • File System Activities

Additional log integrations are developed case by case. Please contact your local partner
or LogPoint technical staff.

For more information please download the application from our Help Center
or contact us for further information.