About us


About LogPoint

LogPoint is a global security analytics company founded in Denmark in 2008 and has been growing ever since. Our headquarters is still located in Copenhagen, and we have sales and support offices located across Europe and partnerships that reach across the globe.

Our SIEM solution (Security Information and Event Management) is market leading within today's requirements for log management and advanced analytics. Every day thousands of IT-specialists worldwide benefit from LogPoint's unique ability to turn big-data into real-time insights, ultimately enabling management decisions.

The secret behind our success is that we are truly customer-driven. We enjoy serving a variety of enterprises from different industries. The results are an outstanding customer community that truly values our solution, as well as LogPoint’s achievement of a top-rated vendor on Gartner Peer Insights in 2017. Our EAL3+ NATO certification even enables us to serve customers with specific requirements toward high assurance environments and exceptional needs for security. With sectors including intelligence communities, critical infrastructure deployments, and defense and police organizations.

Contact us for more information: info@logpoint.com

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Changing Organizations

At LogPoint, we focus on providing organizations with the best opportunities of value creation and growth in an increasingly digitized world. That’s why we are constantly developing our technology to suit your individual preferences and requirements.

So, whether you are in the market to simplify your organization’s IT processes, protect valuable assets or adhere to compliance requirements, you’ll find that LogPoint’s SIEM technology gets the job done.


Ensuring Constant Innovation

We take our passion for continuous innovation beyond our products and into our work processes. By recognizing the significance of co-creation, we are always open to contributions from customers, partners and the talented team here at LogPoint.

And we’ll never be done listening. You show us where we can make meaningful modifications and by utilizing the unique knowledge you hold, we’re able to better comprehend the objectives of our end-users and incorporate that into the offering we put on the market. 


Agile and Growing

LogPoint is founded in Denmark, and first introduced our servicing, business analytics, mathematics, and security solution to the market in 2008. 

We are honored that over 250 clients throughout Europe have preferred our solution and are experiencing the LogPoint difference. Our headquarters is still located in Copenhagen, and we have sales and support offices located across Europe and partnerships that reach across the globe. 


What do we do Differently?

We pride ourselves in delivering the best SIEM solution on the market and we work hard every day to make complex technology easily accessible and deliver insight across industries.

Our technology is central to any business. This is the foundation our business stands on and we build it with a relentless focus on three key areas: 

  • Business value. Real-time, actionable insights from raw machine data help increase your operational efficiencies, streamline compliance for regulatory mandates, and strengthen your security posture.
  • Operational value. Fast performance and precision analysis offers IT teams swift insight into all incidents across the infrastructure. LogPoint’s Big Data capabilities mean sharp, easy analysis and troubleshooting for all issues and incidents – from production applications, databases, and RFID environments.
  • Partnership value. We are dedicated partners, working together with both customer and reseller to help decision makers gain insight to the SIEM process and benefits. Our solid relationships result personalized solutions for a wide range of enterprises – and the best support they can ask for.
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Why LogPoint?

With LogPoint, you will discover a full enterprise SIEM solution. 

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business - whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

And the best part..? We have the most predictable licensing model in the industry.