Copenhagen: December 18, 2014 – LogPoint, a European provider of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, today announced that it joined the EMC Business Partner Program for Technology Connect Partners and has successfully completed API compatibility requirements for interoperability with the EMC® VNX® storage platform.

LogPoint is a rapidly growing cyber-security vendor and a leading European provider of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. LogPoint enables enterprises to proactively monitor their networks and identify security threats in real-time to prevent cyber-attacks and fulfil their compliance requirements.

LogPoint has integrated logs directly from the EMC VNX storage platform into the LogPoint SIEM platform. The integration will enable LogPoint to integrate VNX audit events into LogPoint, enhancing the real-time overview of the enterprise network environment by forwarding critical events on storage platforms to the LogPoint SIEM-solution. LogPoint views its integration as a key advancement in the efforts to put LogPoint at the heart of major network environments.

“LogPoint’s integration of EMC VNX logs is an important part of the continuous evolution of the LogPoint platform as we continue to integrate a wealth of log sources into the platform. It’s a feature which is very much in demand, especially by large organizations in the public sector that are handling massive amounts of sensitive data and has large number of users, and are relying on the superior performance of the Big Data based LogPoint-platform ”, says Christian Have, Vice President, Solution and Integration at LogPoint.

According to Gartner Group, the cybersecurity and SIEM-markets are currently experiencing double-digit growth. An efficient SIEM-solution will not only aid in the timely detection of cyber threats, but it is also a key tool in the ever-important process of network optimisation. In addition, the implementation of a SIEM-solution to monitor and document network traffic is increasingly becoming a compliance requirement in Auditing guidelines, company policies and quality standards such as ISO 27001 that has now become a requirement for public organizations throughout the world.

LogPoint is one of the leading European providers of SIEM solutions. Combining Scandinavian simplicity and European detail, the LogPoint technology surpasses compliance demands and defends against cybercrime and fraud. Headquartered in Copenhagen and with offices in Sweden, Germany, France and the UK, LogPoint serves hundreds of organisations in a dozen European countries.

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About LogPoint:
LogPoint is a SIEM pioneer founded in Denmark, having introduced our SIEM product to the market in 2008. Today, over 250 clients throughout Europe are experiencing the LogPoint difference. Combining Scandinavian simplicity and European detail, LogPoint technology is designed to transform big data into an effortless package. LogPoint users enjoy how easily it adapts to stay in sync with client needs – from surpassing compliance demands, to seamlessly defending against cybercrime and fraud, and optimizing IT operations. LogPoint is the most flexible platform available for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring all data – whether they are generated by applications, databases, or infrastructure, or involve sensitive assets, manufacturing systems, or security systems. The scale-as-you-grow principle allows for quick and easy visualization with only a few resources – no matter how vast the IT landscape, no matter how dense the data. With headquarters in Copenhagen, our sales and support offices are located throughout Europe and our partnerships reach across the globe. For more information visit us at or contact us at [email protected]

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