Join our webinar, which aims to provide insights and guidance as to where the LogPoint SIEM solution would assist in meeting the requirements outlined in the DSPT, and where additional value may be gained by the use of the LogPoint SIEM technology for any NHS trust.

During this webinar you will learn:

• How a modern SIEM such as LogPoint is a key enabling technology to address the requirements outlined in the NHS Data and Security Protection toolkit.
• Why a key focus for the LogPoint modern SIEM solution is improving security through proactive alerting, machine learning, and to address compliance and reporting requirements, enabling access to incident and security information in a quick and effective manner.
• Based upon an analysis of the DSPT, where the LogPoint SIEM solution can provide significant value, enabling NHS organisations to achieve DSPT compliance.
• Short demonstration

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Thursday, February 11th – 14.00 (Europe/London)