LogPoint True Predictive Pricing

“As companies scale their data volume, they need visibility and predictability to their cost so they can effectively plan.” It’s what we have been saying for years. But in this case, it was another SIEM company, announcing Predictive Pricing.

We are pleased that other SIEM companies are trying to launch Predictive Pricing but there is a difference between Predictive Pricing and True Predictive Pricing.

LogPoint has always offered True Predictive Pricing. Licensing for our Modern SIEM solution is based on the number of devices sending logs, not on the volume of your data or events per second (GB/EPS).

With a LogPoint license, your worries of increasing data volumes resulting in your SIEM cost exploding, instantly disappear. Your license is truly 100% predictable and transparent, which allows you to scale and plan for future needs.

We believe SIEM pricing models based on GB/EPS is outdated. It forces customers to make difficult and potentially dangerous decisions on what parts of their infrastructure to prioritize. Threats continue to evolve, and data continue to grow. You shouldn’t be punished for that.

So, what’s the difference between Predictive Pricing and LogPoint True Predictive Pricing?

With the Predictive Pricing options offered by other SIEM vendors, the cost of your SIEM will be determined based on your data volume in several pre-defined tiers. As your data continues to grow, your license cost will continue to increase from tier to tier until you hit the roof and the price pans out.

With LogPoint True Predictive Pricing, the price will not change regardless of the growth in data volume. That’s the key difference. If you want to try the LogPoint difference, get in touch.

And by the way, LogPoint True Predictive Pricing is not an option. It’s the model we have always offered because we believe that the ability to cover all necessary parts of your infrastructure, not being limited by a restrictive licensing model is a key discriminator in getting full value from a Modern SIEM solution.

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That is also why LogPoint True Predictive Pricing applies to all our customers, whether they are private or public. We strongly believe that Local Government, Universities, and Hospitals/Healthcare deserve a truly predictable pricing model for their SIEM, with even more favorable terms.

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