Use the LogPoint SIEM Buyer’s Guide to cut through the noise: Understand what makes a SIEM « Modern » and whether your legacy SIEM solution is ready to retire. Get help to build you SIEM business case and tips for the tough questions to ask in your evaluation and selection process.

In today’s globalized, digital economy, it’s essential to monitor and guard your company’s data against increasingly advanced cyber threats. A Modern SIEM solution enables you to react quickly and precisely in the event of a threat or data leak.

A Modern SIEM solution is the hub of modern cybersecurity. It provides management, integration, correlation, and analysis in one place, making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot your network infrastructure in real time from one single interface.

In a nutshell, SIEM allows cybersecurity-teams to see the bigger picture by collecting security event data from enterprise applications, the cloud and core infrastructure to learn exactly what goes on within the enterprise – creating value from the sum of data which is worth much more than the individual pieces.

So, you need Modern SIEM. But how?

To help you LogPoint has published a SIEM Buyer’s Guide based on the extensive experience among the analysts and engineers in our pre-sales support team. It will walk you through the process of getting to a Modern SIEM solution, regardless of whether you are currently using an older, antiquated SIEM or whether you are new to the world of SIEM.

The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the features that should be present in a modern SIEM, and it helps you identify the symptoms, that your legacy SIEM may be ready for replacement. The guide will also assist in preparing the business case for a SIEM and help you to determine your technical use cases.

Last but not least, the LogPoint SIEM Buyer’s Guide will provides useful tips for your evaluation and selection process, how to structure your evaluation process and what tough questions to ask at the final stages of your selection.