By Christian Have, VP Product & innovation, November 7, 2016.

We have all been there; we just finished a RFC with a CAB review and restored to normal operations and then the mail ticks in; a new patch is available. With FlexPatch this is solved.

Starting with LogPoint 5.5.5, released today, we are introducing Flex[ible] Patch[ing].

With FlexPatch, we allow operators to remain on their preferred Minor version (5.5). If a new feature or bug is released (for instance 5.5.6) but not applicable to your environment you can now safely skip this release. 

If in a month or two a new feature is introduced (for instance 5.5.9) that you may like to use, you can just stick to applying this update to 5.5.5 – no more hassle associated with patching “all the way” through every patch released.


We are making our FlexPatches to minor releases accumulative, that is whatever is included in 5.5.6 will also be in 5.5.7. Once we bump the minor release (5.6) all FlexPatches to the previous (5.5.n) will of course be included – along with the new features the minor version includes.


FlexPatches come in two varieties: Optional and Critical.

  • Optionalfixes bugs and adds new features, but may not be relevant to your given system
  • Criticalfixes bugs and adds features, but will include critical security-related fixes as well.


The first version of FlexPatch is available as of today. As a Partner or customer, you can find the release notes on the Help Center. Note, this FlexPatch is optional. A critical FlexPatch will be released in the coming weeks containing all the contents of this patch. 

We’re very excited to introduce this change! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.