Copenhagen & Munich – 12 December 2019 – LogPoint, the Modern SIEM, and UEBA company, has signed a framework agreement with the Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen in Deutschland (WGKD) for the delivery of the LogPoint SIEM solution, providing favorable acquisition terms for churches all across Germany.

The WGKD is an ecumenical purchasing platform whose partners are the Association of German Dioceses, the German Caritas Association, the Evangelical Church in Germany, the Protestant Diaconia and Development Office, and the German Order Major Conference, collectively including all Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany.

“Cybersecurity and also compliance regulations, such as GDPR, is an increasing challenge for all enterprises in Germany. And as such also churches across the country. The addition of the LogPoint SIEM platform to our purchasing platform, complements the existing offerings in the IT security category, and provides churches a key tool in modern Cybersecurity”, says Georg Faßbender, Head of the IT Business Unit at WGKD.

The IT security category at the WGKD currently includes 15 providers, including companies such as CGI, Cisco, Sophos, and T-Systems. LogPoint is the only dedicated SIEM provider on the platform, offering a solution supporting Cybersecurity, Compliance, IT operations, and Business Analytics.

“We are honored that WGKD has chosen the LogPoint SIEM solution. LogPoint helps to detect evolving Cybersecurity threats, provides centralized analytics across the entire IT infrastructure, and also supports compliance, which is a crucial element in any organization today,” says Pascal Cronauer, Regional Director, LogPoint Central EMEA.

The LogPoint SIEM solution allows organizations to immediately detect cyberthreats without severely restricting access to digital resources and also provides a wide set of tools to ensure compliance with standards and regulations such as GDPR, ISO27001, and PCI-DSS.

A core element in the LogPoint value proposition is True Predictive Pricing: A node-based licensing model, rather than one based on volume (EPS/GB). This drastically improves the customer’s ability to predict and control the total cost of ownership for their LogPoint SIEM, a model favored by many membership associations.

As an example, the Deutscher Alpenverein (German Alpine Club), one of Germany’s largest membership associations, uses the LogPoint SIEM solution for network monitoring, and to protect the personal data of more than one million members across 365 regional associations in compliance with GDPR.

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