LogPoint CEO, Jesper Zerlang, will be speaking at the 2018 Global Forum conference on November 6, 2018. This 27th edition of the conference will be the first Global Forum edition in Denmark, dedicated to discussing the digital transformation in the broader ecosystem.

The aim is to establish new practices for innovation, growth & social prosperity by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and networking among government authorities, private and public organizations as well as research and development experts.

Jesper Zerlang will be providing his perspective in session S2 on November 6, headlined “Safety & Security in an Interconnected Society”. In the presentation “Securing your Digital Transformation” he will address the need to secure digital transformation and protect the growing amounts of data by employing advanced threat analysis and machine learning. And how to use technology to reduce the requirement for high-in-demand cybersecurity specialists.

Check out Global Forum and the conference agenda here.

If you want to join LogPoint and 200+ other international Global Forum participants, you can register at the reduced price of EUR 400 for the two-day conference here.