As a financial services institution, do you recognize any of these challenges?

  • Cybersecurity skills shortage means that it is inherently difficult to hire and retain the talent needed to keep adversaries out of the highly sensitive data
  • Overly complex, manual processes are prohibiting organizations from efficiently and accurately detecting and responding to malicious threats arising across the network.
  • A lack of visibility across the network and all of its applications make it difficult to detect malicious insider activity and lateral movement of adversaries.
  • Maintaining data privacy and keeping up with regulations to ensure compliance.

View our own demand webinar where LogPoint will be discussing how we are working with financial services institutions to overcome challenges such as these.

During this session, you will learn

  • What is driving the implementation of SIEM and UEBA in financial services
  • Examples of use cases where financial services institutions have used SIEM to make informed business decisions
  • Real-life case studies
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