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Logpoint ThinkIn Conference 2021 – Get access to the full conference 

In a time of unprecedented change and innovation, you need insight you can trust. Our customers and partners reveal an insider understanding of technology that is transforming businesses around the globe and its new directions. 

Review 16 Deep Dives, 5 Logpoint Learning, and 3 Logpoint Training videos and transform your cybersecurity landscape with us. Click on the button below!

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Logpoint ThinkIn Conference 2021 – Keyfacts & impressions 

A big thank you from all of us for joining Logpoint’s ThinkIn 2021! Thanks for your engagement, and especially all of your questions and comments. Filming live from our HQ in Copenhagen, we are grateful for help from customers, partners, and experts from around the world contributing such high-level insight. 

Below please find links to recordings of keynote and breakout sessions. 

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