Even though SAP SuccessFactors contain some of the organization’s most sensitive and regulated data, it does not natively have a security solution. To ensure data integrity and compliance, it is important that organizations proactively secure their SuccessFactors against cyber attacks. 

In this webinar, our experts will showcase how BCS for SuccessFactors can help you detect malicious activities that compromise your security and put your compliance at risk.  
The session will also include an open discussion, during which you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by some of the industry’s leading security experts.   

 Webinar details: 

When: Wednesday, 7th of June. 15.00 CET 
Presenters: Şükrü İlker Bırakoğlu (Senior Director, Logpoint) and Christoph Aschauer (Director of SAP Solutions)  

Our BCS for SuccessFactors solution delivers continuous, automated monitoring of your entire landscape. Discover more about how BCS for SuccessFactors can help:  

  • Enforce the principle of least privilege with a complete overview of proxy privileges and user authorizations 
  • Keep track of the data that gets exfiltrated from SuccessFactors 
  • Monitor changes to business objects to limit fraudulent activities 

Join our webinar and discover how you get a more comprehensive threat analysis, improve your security stance, and reduce the risk of non-compliance.