AgentX and Converged SIEM: More precision. Quicker response.

Logpoint’s Converged SIEM platform provides protection for the entire business. Now we’re launching a new agent that enhances the platform even further.

AgentX is a built-in response capability on endpoints whereby users can run a playbook that quickly and effectively deletes malicious files improving threat detection, accelerating investigation, and ensuring lightning-fast remediation.

A lightweight application, AgentX transports logs and telemetry from endpoints to the SIEM, and performs automated real-time investigation and remediation to threats with SOAR.

AgentX Open-Hours series.

Beginning December 13th the AgentX Open-Hours provide the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our experts. You also get a unique opportunity to provide feedback directly to the product organization

Follow the links (right) to join our AgentX Open-Hours series and share your feedback directly with our Product Team.

*Note: All sessions are in Central European Time (CET) and you need to register 24h in advance to be eligible to enrol. 

January 24th  10AM-11AM

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January 24th 4PM-5PM

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February 8th 10 am CET

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February 21th 10 am CET

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