Values – What We Live By

At LogPoint, we know that an organization is only as good as its people, and we are serious about sustaining a culture that’s rewarding and value-driven for any member of the LogPoint family.

To support this vision, we have carefully chosen the values described below, to represent what it means to work at LogPoint. We never lose sight of our fundamental values. You’ll find them on every wall in every LogPoint office across the world, constantly reminding us we are here together to collaborate with our customers, partners, and colleagues to create enduring value. This is what we live by:


Passion: We all focus on a common purpose!

Every one of us wants LogPoint to succeed. This means having a strong and consuming passion for the vision and mission of the company and above all living it on a daily basis.

Customer Centric

Customer-Centric: Our customers always come first!

We cannot succeed without our customers. We must always put the interests of the customer above everything else.


Innovation: We are all solution-oriented!

We are pioneers and explorers; always striving to create cutting edge solutions with a creative and initiative mindset where nothing is impossible.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit: We are a team above all!

We all push in the same direction with bravery, humility and sacrifice. Our focus is on leaving a legacy that we can be proud of. No one is bigger than the team and individual brilliance does not automatically lead to outstanding results.

Customer needs

Industry Excellence: We all strive to deliver the best of ourselves and our product!

Excellence is never an accident; It is the daily challenge to always improve and get better, even when we are at our best. As individuals and as a team, we continuously need to embrace these expectations.