Accelerate incident detection and response with SOAR

Many time-consuming response actions are still performed manually in case of a real threat, such as quarantining infected files or disabling access to compromised accounts. Arm your organization with a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform to accelerate response from hours to seconds.  

A SOAR integration with Logpoint combines security monitoring and incident response to help security staff respond to and resolve incidents fast. A SOAR solution automates actions and responses, handling incidents that don’t need the security team’s attention.

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Integrate SOAR with Logpoint for automatic incident response

Logpoint, combined with market-leading SOAR platforms, provides complete coverage of incident detection and response capabilities, enabling your SOC to automate and standardize threat response.

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Minimize alert fatigue

Logpoint prioritizes incidents based on risk, so security analysts can focus on the incidents that matter most.

Lower security costs

Lower security costs

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks to improve efficiency, lower security costs, and easily scale incident response.

Increase SOC productivity

Increase SOC productivity

Use incident information from Logpoint to coordinate security responses and reduce the mean time to respond.

Logpoint introduces native SOAR, advancing cybersecurity automation and efficiency – Learn about Logpoint SOAR

Automate threat response

Automate threat response

Logpoint automatically identifies and sends alerts to the SOAR platform, which automatically starts the necessary incident response.

Logpoint automatically identifies and sends alerts about any critical incidents or abnormalities within your network. Logpoint forwards relevant alerts to the SOAR platform, automatically starting the appropriate response process, reducing the time analysts need to spend on incident remediation.

Logpoint integrates with market-leading SOAR platforms

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Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. Our mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. We help address the world’s greatest security challenges with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration.

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Swimlane is at the forefront of the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution market and was founded to deliver scalable security solutions to organizations struggling with alert fatigue, vendor proliferation, and chronic staffing shortages.

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