LogPoint fundamentals: How to utilize dashboards

Learn how to use and create dashboards to view your organisations critical infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Logpoint for BCS: Responding to threats in your SAP systems

Advanced analytics and innovative orchestration capabilities are unified in a centralized security platform allowing you to effectively detect and manage incidents compromising the security of your SAP systems.

Learn concepts and use cases that will increase your security coverage by including SAP data in your centralized security operations platform.

Advanced Queries and Pattern finding

Get more value out of searches in Logpoint with real-life examples and explanations on patterns to look for. It is a primer for performing forensics post attack or performing blue team tasks such as proactive threat hunting.

Learn how to utilize the different functions in Logpoint search query for fast, efficient and effective results

LogPoint fundamentals: How to collect basic logs

Learn how to setup log collection on common endpoints and how to normalize the ingested logs.

Faster detection and response with playbooks and automation

Learn about automation, what SIEM use cases you can you automate to vastly increase efficiency. We will dive into how you decrease threat response time due to automated triage and analysis to empower you with more time to focus on critical cases.

LogPoint fundamentals: How to use the query language for basic use cases

Get a fundamental understanding of LogPoint query language and how to use it for solving end-to-end security use cases.

How do I get my Logpoint deployment delivered as SaaS

How do you migrate your existing solution to Logpoint Cloud/SaaS? Learn about architecture, existing logs and ingestion

Learn how to migrate from an existing on-prem platform to a Logpoint SaaS solution

How to utilize information security frameworks effectively

Utlizing cybersecurity framework SANS 18 Cyber Security Controls (CIS18) to strengthen the cybersecurity posture through tools, processes and automation. Learn how to bridge the gap between technical security and business outcomes to drive conversations about security on a strategic level in your organization

LogPoint fundamentals: Using alerts to create incidents

Learn how to setup alerts on specific triggers that notifies your incident and response team

AgentX: Endpoint observability and security

Logpoint’s new agent, AgentX is a lightweight application that transports logs and telemetry from endpoints (all servers, workstations, and applications) to the SIEM, and performs automated real-time investigation and remediation to threats.

LogPoint fundamentals: Enriching logs

Learn how to ingest reports and CVE’s to enrich your logs

Find your way getting logs from all your Cloud Applications

Universal REST API Fetcher provides a generic interface to fetch logs from cloud sources via REST APIs.

 Learn how to install and configure the Universal Rest API Fetcher

Threat Hunting with Logpoint

Designing, building and operating an inventory of security capabilities relies not only on building and operating the capability but needs constant testing to validate the efficiency and efficacy.

Listen in on ways to actively perform threat hunting. For further value, doing so while being attacked by a red team.

LogPoint fundamentals: Getting started with SOAR & Automation

Get introduced to the concepts and objectives of security automation with Logpoint SOAR. We will cover how to build foundational playbooks and how to get started with out of the box content.