Information Security



You should be! It has never been more lucrative or attractive for abusers to target enterprises than it is now... We can help!

Immediate Action 

To ensure that malicious or fraudulent activity in your organization is discovered and handled immediately, LogPoint generates detailed and concise statistics and alerts, effortlessly produces reports, and even offers easily configured dashboards reports providing you with a clear overview of relevant security information.

We believe your ability to receive and analyze activities in your network should be seamless and simple.

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Security Challenge Examples 

Cyber espionage

Track unauthorized network or system access linked to e.g. state-affiliated actors and/or exhibiting the motive of espionage.

Denial of service

Track attacks intended to compromise the availability of networks and systems or occurrences in which systems fail due to extremely high levels of activity.

insider threat

Detect actions by malicious employees or others with corporate network access before confidential data and business assets are misused or damaged.

User behavior analytics

Locate patterns that are out of the ordinary and identify threats – from malware infections to Advanced Persistent Threats - using our advanced correlation mechanisms and system integrations.

Big data

Collect and analyze the valuable mass of Big Data on your organization’s transactions, system behavior, malicious activity, and much more in real-time from a single place. 

Advanced persistent threats

Identify Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), which are notoriously difficult to trace and avoid the increasing cost of compromise by inspecting deviations from the norm.


how it works

To provide the most optimal scenario for information security and overlook your enterprise's security posture, LogPoint employs:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Rapid trouble-shooting
  • Advanced correlations
  • Easily-performed searches

 With agents on ERP, database, and HR systems – gathering data from network and security devices, servers, and applications, LogPoint bridges the gap between business applications and IT infrastructure and detects even the most complex threats.

Depending on your needs and level of expertise, a LogPoint implementation offers a number of valuable characteristics: 

  • Advanced SIEM features & third party integrations
  • Rapid & easy installation & configuration
  • >Wide-ranging support & local technical experts
  • Scalability with foreseeable cost
  • Competitive pricing
what we provide


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Why LogPoint?

With LogPoint, you will discover a full enterprise SIEM solution. 

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business - whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

And the best part..? We have the most predictable licensing model in the industry.