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SAP® Security Monitoring

Your SAP system contains business critical information.
Do you have control over it?

LogPoint for SAP®

For most SIEM tools, an organization’s SAP® system is a blind spot. SAP® is extremely complex, making it close to impossible to extract logs.

With LogPoint for your organization's SAP® system, you can achieve full anomaly detection, track critical changes to master data, and view correlations on business violations - out-of-the-box, with easy customization and expansion.

Vulnerable to Sabotage



Because a company’s SAP® system often stores the key information that attackers are looking for, these systems are especially prone to sabotage, fraud and espionage.

There are numerous weaknesses that make your SAP® system vulnerable to sabotage, and along with ordinary threats other common threats include:

  • Insecure code
  • Missing security patches
  • Uncontrolled remote access (RFC, SOAP)
  • Active SAP® standard users
  • Transports/SW-deployment
  • Unauthorised profile changes



Benefits with LogPoint for SAP®


Proactively monitoring SAP® using LogPoint will result in a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improvements to your SAP® Security & Risk Management
  • A lowered number and level of criticalness on auditor’s findings
  • Transforming risks into remediation
  • Fulfilling compliance requirements throughout the SAP® landscape
  • Consolidating the labyrinth of the SAP® tool into one, holistic approach
  • Protection of essential business processes, sensitive data and intellectual property

Varieties of Implementation

LogPoint offers two varieties of implementation:




The Light version delivers a system log and an audit log, which can be directly utilized to demonstrate compliance and transparency, reducing costs through complete automation.   The Extended version provides you insight beyond what can be derived in the Light version and covers in-depth monitoring of business processes.

The version you need, depends on the your business requirements. 
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Why LogPoint?

With LogPoint, you will discover a full enterprise SIEM solution. 

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business - whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

And the best part..? We have the most predictable licensing model in the industry.